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Cordex began as a small coin... We know how tough the alt market is... and we're here to help ‎‎

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Information and Features For Developers

Cordex is the simplest way to exchange money at incredibly low cost and easy to trade way across Discord

Our Listing requirements are made on a case by case basis and involved a security review of your code. We have no minimum volume, price or market stat requirements.

A full platform

Cordex is a full trading platform... Just like any other crypto exchange... With Cordex you're ticking many boxes for your coin ontop with an exchange for people to trade on.

Free Marketing

With your coin added to our exchange, 1000's of users will be exposed to your coin and Discord server. Users would be able to with a click of a button join in your coin's server and actively trade your coin through cordex across 100's of servers

Never Delist Coins

We're developers ourselves, we know how hard times can get and we will never delist a coin on the basis of volume, price or any trading metric. You can be sure that Cordex looks after all of it's listed coins

Experts Support

Your users will be new to crypto and trading, our community and support team have the knowledge to support almost amy mainstream blockchain example BTC based chains. Therefore not only is there 24/7 support for Cordex but even your own coins wallet and more

Add bot to your Server

Bring the party to your own house, you can invite Cordex and have your very own tipbot, explorer bot, games bot, masternode pool bot, exchange bot and more all within your very own discord server!

Listing plans

We don't charge you any fee to trade, WYSIWYG is our motto. No hidden fees or catch, trade exactly for what you want. Withdraw coins and we won't add any extra fees ontop!* Our listing fees are available on monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and annual contracts to support new coins with their financing.

Still not convinced?

Well enjoy a FREE month trial with your coin added to our exchange! Simply contact our team and we can get you listed.





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